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More than 280,000 people dressed in high-visibility jackets blocked roads across France in protest at rising taxes on diesel and petrol, which the government says are to fund eco-friendly projects and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. French President Emmanuel Macron said he will not abandon the fuel tax but he...
President Donald Trump prematurely left the G20 stage following a handshake with President Macri of Argentina. The US leader was expected to remain on stage with the host for a G20 "family photo" but had other ideas. Please subscribe HERE
There has been a sharp increase in violence in Indian-administered Kashmir: This year has been the deadliest in the disputed region in a decade. More than 500 people have been killed, including civilians, security forces and militants. The area has long seen conflict between Indian forces and armed insurgents, but this...
Samsung has revealed a 75in (190cm) television made of modular micro LED panels, at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. The BBC's Chris Fox explains why micro LEDs, which have predominantly been used in large applications such as billboards, may soon be heading for our homes. Please subscribe HERE
An expanding door that locks away small parcels and calls the police if larger ones are stolen is on show at the CES tech expo in Las Vegas. Its developers suggest the innovation is more secure than Amazon's own solution to the problem of parcel thieves. It looks a bit clunky,...
Russian writer Tamara Cheremnova has cerebral palsy and as a child in the Soviet Union was wrongfully diagnosed with learning difficulties. She spent half a century trying to overturn this diagnosis by writing fairy tales and thanks to her writing eventually did. At 62 she finally found a family...
President Trump's proposed wall on the border between the US and Mexico is at the heart of his row with Democrats over government spending. To help you understand what each side wants, we answered five key questions. Video by Hannah Long-Higgins Please subscribe HERE
In October, North and South Korea agreed to begin work on reconnecting inter-Korean railways and roads, almost 70 years after they were severed. A groundbreaking ceremony has now taken place in North Korea, attended by delegates from each country. Around 100 South Korean officials, politicians and people displaced by war came...
From Tokyo to Pyongyang, celebrations as more countries mark the arrival of 2019 Please subscribe HERE
Soldiers at an army base on the Syria-Iraq border have described the fight they face against so-called Islamic State. This particular base is only one-month old but is home to hundreds of French and American troops. However, doubts have been cast over their future in the region after President Trump announced...